How to Share Your Pics, Video and Film With Us


Three Days in Paradise is a documentary series focusing on the people of Butte County before, during and after the Camp Fire. This page gives you some of the best ways to help us out.

To tell this story, we need a mountain of footage. Digital pictures and cel phone videos, 8mm film, VHS and MiniDV home movies, and every kind of photo or moving image from family, community, governmental and historical sources.

But when it all comes together, we believe it will be the definitive story of not just the fire, but of all our communities the fire effected.

So if you have video or pictures of your experience during the fire, we’d love to see it.

So we’ve developed several ways for you to get us your images.

Why emailing or texting us video or pictures is less than ideal.

While we live in a world where technology and social media make it easy to send pictures and video to family and friends, often those technologies compress and muddy the pristine and hyper-clear images captured by modern cel cameras. Texting or emailing also sometimes strips off the location and time information which helps us pinpoint the time and place of your story.

The upshot is we’d like the original files with the original information and we want to make that easy for you to get to us.

Here’s how you do that:

Cel Phone Videos and Pictures

If you have an iPhone…

…follow these steps to send us your video and pictures.

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If you have an Android phone, follow these steps…

How to Share Video and Pictures from an Android Phone-UPDATEDScreen Shot 2019-03-24 at 11.00.26 AM

If you’d like to send us your items via Dropbox, simple go to your computer and upload your items using this link:

Old Film or Video Tapes

If you have home movies (8mm or Super-8mm film), VHS tapes, MiniDV tapes or other kinds of video tapes or film, call us to coordinate. We may be willing to transfer your footage to high quality digital video free of charge. Shoot us an email at INFO@ThreeDaysInParadise.TV and we’ll have one of our associate producers get in touch to coordinate.