High and Awful Price nominated for Emmy Award

This one is very short and sweet. As we continue working on Three Days in Paradise, we are proud to announce the latest entry in our lessons learned series, A High and Awful Price: Lessons Learned from the Camp Fire Part 5–Information at the End of the World has been nominated for an Emmy Award at the 50th annual San Francisco Regional Emmy Awards. The region stretches from Reno in Nevada, the Oregon boarder through the Bay Area and all the way to Hawaii.

It is especially sweet to be nominated for something so close to our hearts and the struggles of our family and friends.

The ceremony will be on June 5 here.

Information at the End of Our World

Hi friends,

This one has been a long time coming. As a survivor of the Camp Fire, working on the stories, lessons and meaning of what happened to our community on that November day has become the work of my life.

Today I come with another of the few fruits of what we all endured. It’s Part 5 of the High and Awful Price: Lessons Learned from the Camp Fire series I’ve produced with Butte County and my friend Shelby Boston. It’s called Information at the End of the World, and it centers not so much on the wild land/wildfire story, but on how we make decisions when we face a disaster of any type.

One of the few bright spots of 2020 was the reaction in the disaster planning, first responder and wild land fire communities to the first four parts (which can be seen in a combined version here). It turns out taking the lessons we all learned has helped communities around the world.

This entry is about some things fundamental to all the lessons that came before: Information. It’s about how do we take it in, make sense of it and how we use it to make the decisions that will keep those we love, and our community, safe.

I believe films are made to speak for themselves, so I’ll leave it here. Would love to hear what you all think, and for you to spread this far and wide so the lessons we all found can continue to help those who are threatened by what happened to us all.

Our mini-doc, A High and Awful Price: Lessons Learned from the Camp Fire–on KIXE Saturday

Hey friends, family and neighbors,

I’m here today with the news a documentary we’ve produced, A High and Awful Price: Lessons Learned from the Camp Fire, is running this Saturday on KIXE. Specifically, it’s running December 28 on KIXE-HD, channel 9.1 at 8 p.m.

While this is not the docu-series we’re better known for–that being Three Days In Paradise to which you’ve all so generously donated interviews, footage and information and more–we’re releasing this now for a special reason.

A High and Awful Price is meant to pass along the lessons we’ve learned to help people think about, prepare for and plan for disasters that may befall them. As the name suggests, we’ve all been through something wrenching and heartbreaking, so the knowledge we’ve gained… and that can help others… is dear. So getting it out now is something we wanted to do even while Three Days in Paradise‘s release is still down the road a bit.

Price was made in connection with Butte County and is meant as a clear, simple explanation of the causes, effects and responses to a disaster as complex, overwhelming and devastating as the Camp Fire–while also communicating the most important lesson: You are not helpless and there is something you can do in the face of danger.

It was made with the help of Sheriff Kory Honea of Butte County, CALFIRE Chiefs David Hawks and John Messina, Director of Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services Shelby Boston, the Butte County Chief Administrative Officer of Butte County Shari McCracken, Emergency Services Officer Cindi Dunsmoor, Retired Disaster Coordinator for the Paradise Unified School District (and PHS Principal after the fire) Jeff Marcus and Executive Director of California Vocations Bob Irvine.

For that, we are very appreciative. You can see a preview here: