Information at the End of Our World

Hi friends,

This one has been a long time coming. As a survivor of the Camp Fire, working on the stories, lessons and meaning of what happened to our community on that November day has become the work of my life.

Today I come with another of the few fruits of what we all endured. It’s Part 5 of the High and Awful Price: Lessons Learned from the Camp Fire series I’ve produced with Butte County and my friend Shelby Boston. It’s called Information at the End of the World, and it centers not so much on the wild land/wildfire story, but on how we make decisions when we face a disaster of any type.

One of the few bright spots of 2020 was the reaction in the disaster planning, first responder and wild land fire communities to the first four parts (which can be seen in a combined version here). It turns out taking the lessons we all learned has helped communities around the world.

This entry is about some things fundamental to all the lessons that came before: Information. It’s about how do we take it in, make sense of it and how we use it to make the decisions that will keep those we love, and our community, safe.

I believe films are made to speak for themselves, so I’ll leave it here. Would love to hear what you all think, and for you to spread this far and wide so the lessons we all found can continue to help those who are threatened by what happened to us all.