MARCH UPDATE: Production powers and some interesting meetings…

Since we began pre-production in December 2018, just days after the last embers of the Camp Fire were extinguished, we have been working tirelessly to gather the stories, moments and images to best tell the comprehensive story of what happened to all of us in Butte County.

We have already conducted dozens of interviews, shot at many county, town and public events and are looking to conduct dozens and dozens more interviews in the months ahead. If you’ve contacted us and we have not yet scheduled your interview, fear not.

The feedback and interest in Three Days in Paradise has been nearly overwhelming. But we will be here for the long haul, and currently are managing with a small and professional crew, so please know we will get back with all of you. It just may take a bit.

On that note, we want to let you in on some early indications for some very big things coming. While we cannot yet share details, the Three Days team has had some very hopeful meetings with parties well placed to get this series funded and then shown to the world in the way we all hoped.

Our ambitions are high, but our calling to tell this story is higher. We hope to be able to tell you more soon.

We are also working on a very interesting project which would gather imagery shot by all of us during the Camp Fire to help planning agencies see that this kind of disaster never happens again. We hope to have something to announce soon on that too.

Our final announcement is we’re revamping the way you can share your videos, pictures and historical imagery with us. That should be in the menu bar of this website in the next day or so. To tell the story of Butte County before, during and after the Camp Fire, we’ll need you.

Until then, thank you for your attention.

3 thoughts on “MARCH UPDATE: Production powers and some interesting meetings…

  1. My husband Lee of Lee’s Quality Tires in Paradise was forced into an early retirement when his shop burned. He was planning to work it until he was 72 (Feb of 2020). We also lost our home. It’s been a tough adjustment for both of us. At least we got out with our lives, and we plan on rebuilding. I hope you focus on many of the residents that came to the rescue of their neighbors. There were many heros besides the first responders that day.

  2. My elderly parents and myself became trapped in Concow during the Camp fire.
    We stayed here at home for 31 days during the mandatory evacuation. We cared for 11 community dogs and fed hundreds of animals throughout the area during that time.

    I have 1,084 pictures that were taken by me while on my daily travels for that period.

    I have shared my story with several news organizations which found me by following my posts on face book.

    I know of a couple of other families that have a great story to tell as well who would certainly have no issue sharing.

    Feel free to email me if you wish to hear the stories. I fully realize that you have limited resources so I am comfortable being put on the back burner until you can find the time.

  3. As I too drove out of the flames, I saw peope running for their lives on Skyway,being at a standstill I called for those peope and their dogs to get in my pick up bed, whih I brougght to safetyin Chico. I was in the Red Cross shelter for weeks, as I have no family and the news interviewed many of us there.My story was aired abot me and my blind dog having no place to go, aa kind woman searched for me and this straanger took me in, and I am with her today. I have had my lot cleaned, and survey done, and M rebuilding and my contractor says i will be home in 6 months, i am grateful for getting out, helping others, and the ones who have helped me.

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