Help Ron Howard Tell Our Story

Hey all,

Apologies for the delay/working diligently/update coming soon.

Today I’m here for a quick favor.

Since the Camp Fire, we’ve all encountered film and video producers of all types. Some have come to use us to tell their story. Others are truly here to help us tell ours.

I’ve come to know and trust the crew from Imagine, headed by producer Xan Parker and co-producer Lizz Morhaim for director Ron Howard. They are good people. But if you’ve been lucky enough to meet them, as hundreds of us on the Ridge have, you don’t need me to tell you that.

So here’s the deal. To tell our story in documentary form, they need images. So many of you have helped my project, so let’s help them. Without pictures, video, film and sound, telling our story will be tough. So please join me in helping them.

They need our help to find video (cell phone or other) and photos. If you have anything on the list below, please reach out to me, or upload your material to Dropbox:
Home movies shot in Paradise – 2000s or before
Gold Nugget Days – 2018 or before
November 8 (Evacuation and down in Chico that night)
November 9 (wherever you were)
November 11 meeting with PG&E
November 28 community meeting
Your first time going back to Paradise after the fire
November 17 visit by President Trump in Paradise
February 14 visit by Governor Newsom in Paradise
These are good people. Helping them helps us.

5 thoughts on “Help Ron Howard Tell Our Story

  1. I have close-up photos taken while my wife and I fought the fire with shovels at our ranch. We fought the fire for 17 hours and managed to save our home, barn and a couple of buildings, pets and livestock. We lost barns, sheds, vehicles, tractors, tools, fencing, lumber, personal and ranch property, etc. Also, dozens of photos taken the next day as we drove through Paradise and made a log of standing buildings, businesses.

  2. Posted Jerry Niswonger’s actual video of their house going as they were trapped. It is on my facebook page. Couldn’t get any more real.

  3. I just love the community in Paradise. My wife was born and raised there. I just love the small town feel. They will re-build and go on. Paradise has my heart 🙂

  4. I was a paradise poet and playwright. The fire came so quickly that I picked up my dog and fled for our lives. My life’s work went up in smoke. Seventeen years of writing in a sweet little cottage on the woods was gone in minutes. And now I start all over again.
    Claire Braz valentine

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