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Chris here with a bittersweet celebration. Today we reveal the first images from what we’ve been working on since November of last year. It was a week after the fire that I shot the first images for what I hope will be the definitive story of our experience in the Camp Fire.

We are more than fire victims, and this story is more than of just one wildfire.

As I’ve been telling anyone who would listen, Three Days in Paradise is a documentary series not on the fire, but on us–the people who lived on the ridge, the experience we had with the fire, and what we’re doing to rebuild after.

So thank you all for your encouragement and the footage you’ve all contributed. We’ll be announcing more exciting things soon, but enough talk and waiting.

We welcome you to watch the teaser.

Our first teaser for Three Days in Paradise

7 thoughts on “Our first teaser for Three Days in Paradise

  1. Thank you ! This is the part that hasn’t been told.
    I am so grateful to be apart of making Paradise a great place to live again.
    We have so much to be grateful for.
    I often think of it as the day I got a second shot at life.

  2. I recall the times I went to Paradise to attend Neva Wade Garnet’s reproduction antique doll classes. Paradise was exceptionally beautiful both in its physical beauty but the people there as well.

  3. I am having a hard time with watching just the teaser. I’m not sure I can handle the movie. I still can’t watch Vietnam movies. I still respect Ron for doing the movie. And I watched Steve go through so mich that I want to be supportive

  4. We are looking forward to the completed production. We are rebuilding our home in Paradise and living in a 5th wheel in our front yard. This experience has strengthened the sense of love and community among our friends, family and neighbors. We are resolved to make our home a paradise again.

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